Sudbury Crucial Crew


Teachers :-

Thank you for bringing the youngsters from your school to Crucial Crew and thank you for supporting the event.

You will hopefully find the following downloadable resources of use prior to and after your visit.

  1. Teacher’s Information Pack

  2. pre - visit Check List

  3. pre - Crucial Crew Quiz

  4. post-Crucial Crew Questionnaire

  5. Rotary Club Activities for Schools

As you are no doubt aware, Crucial Crew is not an isolated activity, but is meant to be an exciting experience that raises awareness and stimulate interest in personal safety and respect for the law. We hope that you will find opportunities in the classroom over the next few weeks to follow up and re-inforce the messages that were presented.

Sudbury Rotary Club organises and funds Sudbury Crucial Crew in partnership with numerous agencies and supporters listed on the “Help & Support” page. We urge you to contact Sudbury Rotary Club via our Contact Form or any of the agencies listed if you need assistance in furthering the aims of Crucial Crew - all are more then prepared to assist you.

If you would like to find out about Sudbury Rotary Club’s work, aims and projects please take a minute to visit our website or contact our Club Secretary and perhaps arrange to come to one of our lunchtime meetings.

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