Sudbury Crucial Crew


Parents :-

  1. Do you know what to do in event of a fire in your house?

  2. Do you know the ways to rescue someone who is in difficulty in a river or lake?

  3. Do you know how to dial 999 in an emergency and what to expect if you had to do so?

The young people who attend Crucial Crew have had first-hand experience of these and many other potentially dangerous situations. These are amongst the essential lessons that are conveyed at Crucial Crew by means of realistic scenarios staged and managed in a tightly controlled manner.

As you will no doubt appreciate, this is not an isolated activity, but is meant to be an exciting experience that raises awareness and stimulates interest in personal safety and respect for the law. Whilst we have tried to raise awareness of personal safety, the messages need to be repeated in school and home on a regular basis.

Hopefully, together, we can contribute to children in the Sudbury area growing up safe and well, while developing a healthy respect for personal safety. We hope that you might find time to explore the activities on this website with your son or daughter as a follow-up to their Crucial Crew experiences.

Sudbury Rotary Club organises and funds Sudbury Crucial Crew in partnership with numerous agencies and supporters  who are listed on the “Help & Support” page. We urge you to make contact with Sudbury Rotary Club via our Contact Form or any of the agencies listed if you need assistance in furthering the aims of Crucial Crew - all are more then prepared to assist you.

If you would like to find out about Sudbury Rotary Club’s work, aims and projects please take a minute to visit our website or contact our Club Secretary and perhaps arrange to come to one of our lunchtime meetings.

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